Wills, estates and probates can be complex matters for your loved ones to deal with after your death. Give them a helping hand, and get started on your Will and personal estate planning, with our support here at Gadsden Coupe Solicitors.

Writing a Will ensures the ordered devolution of your estate. This means that your estate will pass directly to your chosen beneficiaries, easily and effectively. As leading private client lawyers here at Gadsden Coupe Solicitors, this is something we can help with.

Without a Will, your estate will instead be governed by the law of intestacy, which will not guarantee that your estate will pass to the persons you wish it to. In fact, a surviving spouse may not necessarily inherit, while a cohabiting partner or step-children will not benefit at all under an intestacy.

Wills don’t just determine the beneficiaries of your estate, they can also help establish:

  • the administration of your estate
  • taxation effects and inheritance tax
  • the age for young beneficiaries to inherit
  • guardianship for young children
  • provision for subsequent spouses, unmarried partners and civil partners
  • protection from claims against the estate
  • provision for children from current and previous relationships

Writing a Will can take time, and be difficult to think about. That’s why we believe in developing a relationship of trust with our private clients, here at Gadsden Coupe Solicitors. With our support, you can be sure that your private wealth will be well managed.

Succession Planning

Succession planning and personal estate planning is also something we can provide advice and support for.  Planning is always most effective when it is in place early, as this provides more opportunity for effective strategies and support. We can provide valuable advice on ongoing administration tasks, like trusts, to ensure effective wealth management and succession, and to afford you a  high level of control and flexibility.

Here at Gadsden Coupe Solicitors, we pride ourselves on the straightforward, practical legal advice we offer. And we always strive to achieve the right decisions for you and your family, securing your estate and succession. To make sure that your Will is tailored to meet your needs, we offer an initial ‘without obligation’ interview to discuss your requirements. Get in touch today.

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